The Concept

The StillLife™ project is a platform that combines a photo book, a docuseries,a multimedia site and live tastings to bring the spirits of the world to life. This project will bring spirits from around the globe into perspective as I explore the deep cultural and social elements woven throughout societies. Food, Art, Music, Fashion,Dance,and Cigars (just to name a few) are all a part of the sensory ecosystem.

The Impact

10% of all platform revenues will support a different community organization each year. This platform will generate revenue as a spirits and sensory engagement platform that does not exist in today's market. I am committed to making sure a portion of the platform revenue goes to support communities I visit and feature as the platform evolves. In addition the StillLife™ platform will be a key partner in helping cities attract visitors, engage residents, and improve communities.

The Experience

Your membership will bring this platform to life and to support the cities and communities featured. Specifically. I'll need to build and create content with key partners and build out the technology infrastructure. I’ll be creating a docuseries sizzle reel to present to a major streaming services, as well as creating the first in a series of photobooks.  Click here to become a StillLife™ member and experience this new platform. The experience will start as an exploration of how spirits integrate with culture in two Pennsylvania cities in 2019, expand to 10 other United states, and then migrate towards either Europe, Canada or Mexico (depending on interview scheduling in the local markets).